SEVEN - MFA Ambrotype Series

     Representing two years of research and expeditions, this series was created as my MFA thesis. The multi-layer 20”x24” Ambrotypes feature pristine landscapes from Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.

     My work focuses on the creation of a connection to the landscape, to see and feel the aura. Immersing myself in my subject matter allows for a greater understanding of what I am photographing and therefor allows me to see things differently while envisioning my photographs. Viewing nature has the unique ability to restore one’s capacity for attention and my presentation strategy aims to amplify this. Using a combination of Digital, Film, and Plate photography techniques, I offer viewers a way to become absorbed in the unique handmade images. I do not tell the viewer what they should take from my work, but rather ask that they open themselves to the aura of the work and have their own experience, just as I did while creating it.